Worst. American. Ever.

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With good reason, Atrios is calling Michelle Malkin "possibly . . . America’s Worst American" for "shitting" all over Cindy Sheehan, Bush ranch protester and mother of Casey Sheehan, her son killed in Iraq.  Here’s something from Crooks & Liars:

Bill O’Reilly: I think Mrs. Sheehan bears some responsibility for this [publicity] and also for the responsibility for the other American families who lost sons and daughters in Iraq who feel this kind of behavior borders on treasonous.

Michelle: I can’t imagine that Casey Sheehan would approve of such behavior

You gotta love it when Michelle puts words into Cindy’s fallen son’s mouth. You know Michelle we would all certainly love to ask Casey how he feels. Weren’t you leading the charge on the Terri Schiavo case? Seems Randall Terry is your kinda guy. I guess he doesn’t count as a nut in your book. I never did hear you apologize to Michael Schiavo.