Women And Iraq

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UPDATEThink Progress (via LQ) reminds us of what the Bushes said not even a year-and-a-half-ago:

“The advance of women’s rights and the advance of liberty are ultimately inseparable.” – President Bush, 3/14/04

“President Bush has made the advance of women’s human rights a global policy priority. … We all have an obligation to speak for women who are denied their rights to learn, to vote or to live in freedom.”
– First Lady Laura Bush, 3/8/05

MyDD is making me think.

While I don’t pretend to speak for others, I do wonder how these women (pictured below) would react if they learned that we invaded Iraq only to create a country which goes backward in womens’ rights.  So what say you, ladies?


Oh, that’s right.  They can’t talk.  They were American servicewomen killed in Iraq. (Photo montage from MyDD)