Where’s Bush?

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FEMA is calling Katrina the worst disaster to hit America . . . ever.  Parts of New Orleans are on fire, even though most of the city is underwater.  There are fears that the entire city could turn into a "toxic lake", as the flood waters continue to pour in.  Over sixty people are known dead (so far) in Mississippi.

Where’s George? 

He’s taking a break from his vacation to survey the damaged states coordinate with federal and local authorities to make sure relief is provided give speeches in Arizona and California about Iraq (comparing it to World War II) and Medicare.

AmericaBlog has more.

UPDATE:  A photo from the White House website (taken today) should be captioned "Let Them Eat Cake!"




UPDATE AGAIN:  Bush must have finished eating the cake: "Bush Cancels Vacation to Focus on Relief".

FINAL THOUGHT:  The press is reporting that Bush will be returning to Washington to "personally oversee the federal effort".  Gee, only weeks ago, they were boasting about how Bush wasn’t really on vacation since you can run the country from Crawford (with faxes, internet, phones, etc.).  So . . . um . . . which is it?