Unintelligent Design

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From a blogger named David Galbraith:

I have a new theory – Unintelligent Design, which is the same as Intelligent Design, except that the creator is either a moron or Satan.

This theory has no less evidence to support it than Intelligent Design, since its mechanisms are identical.

This theory is more compatible with religious teachings in that it proposes that suffering happens to creatures made by the devil.

This theory is more compatible with Darwinian evolution in that species change through mistakes and random bad design.

Above all it changes the Darwinian view of evolution which acknowledges that the suffering of those that were less adapted is the innocent result of an amoral process, by saying that all imperfect creatures were made by the devil.

For humans it would literally add insult to injury by suggesting that the genetically disabled had some association with evil.

But it is demonstrably a better theory than Intelligent Design since it does not lay the blame in God’s hands.

Well, David has really stirred up a hornet’s nest.  I think we should all get behind it.  Even if you don’t believe it, shouldn’t our schools "teach the controversy"?