The Apocalypse

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Well, let’s see.

The death toll from Katrina is rising.  Snakes, gators and corpses are floating around in New Orleans, making the second evacuation difficult.  Attempts to fix the breaks in the New Orleans levees have failed.  There are whitecaps on Canal Street.  Prisoners stranded in a New Orleans prison have rioted, taking a deputy, his wife and their four children as hostages.  The Mississippi coastline doesn’t exist any more. 

658 Iraqi civilians were killed yesterday in a stampede (following rumors of a suicide bomber on a bridge).

Last evening, I went to the store as the outskirts of the remnants of Katrina came to North Carolina.  As I left, I looked in the sky and saw something I never saw before — a double rainbow.  The higher rainbow was fragmented and didn’t last long, but the lower one was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  It was the complete arch, and I could see where both ends hits the horizon.  And it was solid, like a kid had painted it.

Things are getting surreal.

[Note: I don’t intend to be doing blow-by-blow Katrina updates, as other sites are doing them much better.  I do, however, highly recommend the New Orleans Times-Picayune website for breaking news and updates.  They’re no longer publishing on paper, and they have relocated to safer ground to get the news out via the Internet]

UPDATE:  This is what Bush did yesterday…