Soldiers Are Special

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I don’t get it.  The rightosphere is all up in arms about a barroom attack in Seattle in which two guys, soldiers who had just returned from Iraq, got savagely beaten.

Obviously, any illegal altercation which leaves two men seriously injured is stomach-turning.  But sadly, there are probably hundreds of bar fight every day in this country of ours.  Why is this one so special?

Oh, right.  Because the victims are U.S. soldiers.

It should be stressed that they were not beat up because they were soldiers (it involved territoriality over some women, as many barfights do).  In fact, I can’t find any news report suggesting they were wearing uniforms.  But I’m sure the right wishes that they were beat up because they were soldiers; then they could blame Cindy Sheehan for the "climate of hatred" and/or try to make a connection between the assailants and the anti-war movement.

So I wonder what is the real motivation for plugging this story.  Maybe it’s their way of re-emphasizing their support of the troops.  Yet, where has been the outrage about the lack of armor, and Bush’s decision to cut veteran’s benefits for returning soldiers?

Come to think of it, how are these two soldiers going to pay their medical expenses?  Is the military going to help out?