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Sigh.  I really dislike those people. You know who I am talking about.  I’m talking about people out there arguing for tax cuts for the rich, and whose idea of "supporting the troops" is to put a yellow ribbon on their car, and that’s it.  Those people and their faux patriotism annoy me.

And stuff like this is why.  Grim at made me aware of Operation Valor IT, a private effort to raise money so that soldiers who have been maimed and are convalescing can communicate with their loved ones.  Grim says that there is a need for this, and you can believe him.

You may ask, as I did, why our government isn’t taking care of the needs of wounded soldiers.  Or, for that matter, why they aren’t taking care of the needs of our active soldiers by providing adequate armor, etc.  All good questions, and I share your outrage. 

But before you gripe about Bush’s policies that lead to this outrage, help fix the problem.  Then gripe, if you still feel like it.  It beats the crap out of a yellow ribbon.