One Rule For Bush, Another Rule For You

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President Bush said Tuesday he was “troubled” by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the New London eminent domain case and will give “serious review” to congressional efforts to ease its impact. “I’m concerned about the government overreaching,” Bush said.

– from The Hartford Courant, August 3, 2005.

Bush is “troubled” about the exercise of eminent domain?  Oh, please:

Bush’s personal ownership interest in the Texas Rangers baseball team has been wildly at odds with his publicly declared positions on those issues. And ongoing litigation over the Ballpark deal has revealed documents showing that beginning in 1990, the Rangers management—which included Bush as a managing general partner—conspired to use the government’s power of eminent domain to further its private business interests.

In essence, Bush successfully convinced Arlington (Texas) government officials to use their power of eminent domain to clear away private property so that the Texas Rangers could build a new ball park.

White man speak with forked tongue.