Not What They Need

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From Yahoo News:

"If you believe the liberal media’s reporting on the American military effort in Iraq, you’re almost forced to be ashamed of America," the Media Research Center, a conservative media-watchdog group, said in a recent message to potential donors.

In return for a donation, the organization will send a specially inscribed military-style dog tag to a soldier in Iraq.

From the New York Times:

[T]he Pentagon is struggling to replace body armor that is failing to protect American troops from the most lethal attacks by insurgents.

The ceramic plates in vests worn by most personnel cannot withstand certain munitions the insurgents use. But more than a year after military officials initiated an effort to replace the armor with thicker, more resistant plates, tens of thousands of soldiers are still without the stronger protection because of a string of delays in the Pentagon’s procurement system.

I find it very bizarre that the groups that support the Iraq War most don’t seem concerned about the fact that our soldiers are needlessly unprotected.  They send the soldiers ribbons?