Nice Going, Pat!

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It must be nice to have your own ministry, and own your own television channel.  You get to say whatever batshit thing pops into your head.

But it porably sucks to advocate a position from the pulpit, with the result being that your mere words create the opposite result of what you seek.

Death Threat May Bolster Chavez’s Popularity Before Election:

Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may see an increase in popularity because of the death threat leveled by a U.S. television evangelist, according to Datanalisis, the country’s No. 1 polling company.

Television evangelist Pat Robertson’s calls for the U.S. to "assassinate” Chavez will lead more Venezuelans to believe his claims that the Bush administration is trying to kill him, said Luis Vicente Leon, director of Caracas-based Datanalisis. The additional support may help Chavez’s ruling coalition extend its majority in congress in December elections.

"The evangelist’s declarations are terrible for the U.S. in that they totally back up Chavez,” Leon said in a telephone interview from Caracas.  "It is absolutely going to have the opposite effect on Chavez than the U.S. wants. It’s something that resonates with the country’s poor.”

Now, if we can only get Pat to call for the assassination of Democrats in the ’06 elections…