More “No, You Can’t Have A Pony” Tweaks

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Most of the overhauls were under the hood, but I did change a few things:

  1. Got an AOL IM account and made my "online status" known
  2. Widened the sidebar, and made the main page font more readable
  3. Added more webcams, and changed the presentation (it is a rotation slideshow).  Not sure how I feel about the "reload" button — I wish I could just make it reload and update the images without reloading the entire page!
  4. New banner at top
  5. News feeds from CNN, Sploid, and the New York Times (thanks, Typepad!)
  6. More extensive blogroll
  7. Got rid of most of the ads.  I kept reading that advertisements on blogs are not money-makers, especially ones like mine that hardly anybody reads.  I did, however, add some Amazon "ads", although they are couched as my "recommendations".
  8. Added a photo album of my dogs, Bo & Arrow
  9. Added a bunch of silly animations to the sidebar way at the bottom

I still need to work on have all links open to an external page (I know how to do it, but I’m trying to find an easier workaround).   And I can’t seem to adjust the borders of the entire page the way I would like.  And finally, I’m still miffed that I can’t list my complete Archives.

And I wonder if the "load time" is too long.  It seems to be okay on my home computer, but I’ll have to experiment more.

But for the most part, it is where I want it to be. 

For now.