More “Blame The Media”

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Shorter John Hindrocket: Soldiers are supposed to die, so stop telling me about it.

Powerline blogger John Hindrocket finally acknowledges that the majority of Americans are now against the war in Iraq.  But it’s the media’s fault, for only reporting the casualty count, he says, and nothing else:

Not only do news outlets generally fail to report the progress that is being made, and often fail to put military operations into any kind of tactical or strategic perspective,…

There might be a good explanation of why nobody reports about progress being made in Iraq.  It’s de minimus to non-existent!  Hell, they still only have power 8-10 hours a day. 

And, by the way, I do read about the successful raids and other good news from Iraq.  The thing is, in context, they’re simply not that overwhelming.  It’s like the home team getting trounced, 17-0, but scoring a run in the final inning.  It’s hard to get all excited about it.

…they assiduously avoid talking about the overarching strategic reason for our involvement there: the Bush administration’s conviction that the only way to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism, long term, is to help liberate the Arab countries so that their peoples’ energies will be channelled into the peaceful pursuits of free enterprise and democracy, rather than into bizarre ideologies and terrorism.

Right, John.  The media barely touched Bush’s speech the other day.