Mmmmmm . . . Fresca

Ken AshfordRandom Musings1 Comment

20050615frescasmI love my Sprite "Aruba Jam".  Ever since I started looking for a non-caffinated, no calorie soft drink, "Aruba Jam" has become my favorite beverage of choice.  I got into Fresca too, but Aruba Jam is even better.

Problem is, my stores haven’t been stocking it lately.  How come?  Could it be a Natalee Holloway thing?

Hmmmm.  No answers can be found through googling.  I guess — wait!  What’s this?  Fresca is getting a "makeover"?  Cool.

But even cooler is the two new Fresca flavors: Sparkling Peach Citrus Fresca (WOW!) and Sparkling Black Cherry Citrus Fresca (ugh!).  Okay, since they won’t give me my Aruba Jam, I’ll try the Peach Fresca.  Now where is it?