Kaye Habla English, I Think

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It looks like Kaye Grogan is struggling with the English language again:

Have you ever wondered why English is not the official language in America? After 200 plus years of English being the predominantly spoken language — what else would the native tongue be? And the last time I read the U.S. Constitution it was written in English.

Actually, it looks like it is written in Englifh, but that’s just nitpicking…

For gosh sakes! …me no speak Spanish either — so we’re even!

Who are "we" competing with, Kaye?

The more I read about some of the goings on in Washington — the more I am convinced the time for straitjackets for many has come and gone.

So if the time for straitjackets has gone, then everything is hunky-dory in Washington, yes?

Did you know in 1998 the Republicans voted 238-182 to oppose making English the official language, because many were courting the possibility of making Puerto Rico a statehood?

I didn’t.  In fact, I didn’t know that 410 of the 415 Congressmen were Republicans.

The Washington Times reported in 1998 that the majority of the House supported the statehood proposal, and at the same time fell short one vote of an amendment that would support English as top language in the good ole’ USA.

Good ole’ Kaye, thinking that 238-182 is "one vote short".

Don’t ever underestimate the wild hairs of Republicans — those hairs will stick up, when you least expect them to appear.

I don’t really know what this means, but the concept of "Republican wild hairs" scares me a little.

Now I know many people have and will sell out their souls for money . . . but trying to sell the country out for votes is a bit extreme — wouldn’t you agree?

But, but, but . . . aren’t the votes coming from people in the country?  Oh, I’m so confused…

We all know that Puerto Rico and Mexico are both dirt poor countries — and it looks like America is in line to become poor too, if we continue down this destructive pathway of giving all of our resources and money away. Just who is going to benefit most with politicians wooing Puerto Rican voters?

Texans, for one ("Texas joins California, New Mexico and Hawaii as states with majority-minority populations — with Hispanics the largest group in every state but Hawaii, where it is Asian-Americans.")

While many wayward politicians are concentrating on giving favors to Hispanic voters for election support, they are forgetting their base supporters. I am still trying to figure out what these misguided folks are eating in their Wheaties every morning!

Breakfast burritos?

Apparently, the Puerto Ricans are balking becoming the 51st state, because their language and culture is nonnegotiable. Well, Americans can’t say the same, because they are on the bottom of the "totem" pole when it comes to Members of Congress supporting their traditions, American culture, etc., in favor of courting foreigners.

Americans can’t say the same?  We can’t say that our language and culture is nonnegotiable, because we’re at the bottom of a "totem" pole?  There’s irony in their somewhere, but I’m too befuddled to find it.

But refusing to support English as the official language is the pits!

Speaking of language, Kaye, please watch yours.

And if this isn’t enough anti-American jargon — if you recognize God and country publicly you’re offending other cultures.

Meaning, cultures with "totem" poles, I guess.

I find it hard to believe that 55 percent of the American people polled favor a Puerto Rican statehood making the official languages English and Spanish. This is just another preplanned "bogus" poll to give the appearance Americans favor welcoming Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

"Are" you "sure", "Kaye"?

The vast majority of Puerto Ricans are adamant when it comes to being anything other than antagonistic toward Americans. They assert up front — they not only prefer their native language — they are not the slightest bit interested in learning English.

Maybe.  Or maybe that’s just a Kaye Grogan non-poll to give the appearance that Puerto Ricans hate America.

So, why should we take on another country’s headaches?

Have we switched the subject to Iraq?

Besides, two-thirds of the Puerto Ricans are living in poverty. And until we can take care of our own people living in poverty, and have affordable healthcare for our senior citizens, our government has no right to squander away the money needed here in America.

I don’t get it.  If Puerto Rico becomes a state, does it get a signing bonus?

And I have come to the conclusion we need accountants in Washington D.C. — not lawyers. How far do you think housewives or big companies would get balancing their checkbooks — if they operated in the red to the tune of trillions of dollars annually? Probably about as far as the closest federal prison.

If there are housewives balancing their checkbooks to the tune of trillions of dollars annually, I would like to meet one.

I think sometimes we would be better off if we didn’t understand English, because the words to describe how our government has let us down politically, morally, and financially — cut to the core and fiber of our souls.

So, I guess Kaye is against English as an official language, because English has the power to cut our souls’ fibers with, uh, words.

Americans should not have to fight for their inalienable rights over and over again, considering these rights are written in stone.

We all remember how Thomas Jefferson came down from Mt. Sinai with the tablets…

Every step that you take you are walking on the "invisible" blood shed by a soldier who suppressed their fear in order that you, your children, and your grandchildren . . . could pursue the right to life, liberty, and happiness.

Does suppressing fear cause one to shed blood?

In the meantime — we’re heading to a modern day "Tower of Babel."

Well, of course we’re heading to a modern day "Tower of Babel", Kaye.  We’re too busy looking at our feet.  Why?  Because we want to avoid stepping in invisible blood from a fear-adverse soldier who ensured that we, our children, and our grandchildren (but not our trillion-dollar-deficit-spending housewives, apparently) could pursue inalienable rights that were written in stone — rights that the dirt-poor antagonistic Puerto Ricans hate so much.

Or something like that.