Iraqis Cannot Agree On Constitution?

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The Associated Press is reporting:

Parliament announced it had no plans to gather Thursday night and no date for a future session, signaling Iraqi factions were failing to agree on a new constitution before a self-imposed midnight target.

It’s the "no date for a future session" part that is alarming.  It’s one thing if they are negotiating, haggling, horse-trading, or even arguing, but if (as it seems) they’re not even going to meet, then the process of forming a democracy is effectively over.

I wonder what happens then.  Chaos, I expect.  And our soldiers will be in the thick of it.  For a "noble cause" of an Iraqi government which isn’t there (much like the WMDs).

UPDATE:  But on the other hand, Bloomberg is reporting:

Iraqi lawmakers today plan to vote on a new constitution, paving the way for an October referendum. Leaders of the Sunni Muslim minority have refused to endorse the document, saying it will divide the country along ethnic and religious lines.

So which is it?

UPDATE 2:  Aaaah.  I see.  They’re only pretending to vote on the constitution today.