Fox News Viewers Whine

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After devoting so much time and energy bashing other countries, including our historical allies, Fox News viewers gripe:

"Where is the international help for the United States? We are always one of the first to come to any aid when disasters strike around the world. Where is our help?? Now is the time for other nations to come to our rescue!" Debbie (Normal, Il)

"It is truly amazing that other countries have not offered assistance to the devastation on the gulf coast. Is not the USA the first to offer assistance to other world disasters? Maybe we should quit this freebie attitude and look after our own." Bob

"Let’s see how many countries come to our aid in the aftermath of one of the worst hurricanes to hit our shores in history. It’s my guess that it will be up to the everyday working taxpayer." Kerry

Let me take a stab at why other countries aren’t chipping in to help.

(1)  We’re the richest country in the world!!!


Oh, but interestingly enough, one country is helping out:

CARACAS, VENEZUELA — After a four-hour closed-door meeting Monday, Jesse Jackson and Venezuela President Hugo Chavez announced a plan to help the poor in the United States weather the storm of rising fuel costs this winter.

Chavez said that the Venezuelan-owned, Texas-based Citgo Petroleum Co. would offer to poor schools, hospitals, churches and other groups 66,000 barrels a day of oil products refined at its U.S. plants.

Will redstaters accept the oil, even it comes from Chavez, in a Jackson-negotiated meeting?