Timing Is Everything

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Bush is close to a decision on his first nominee to the Supreme Court and could make his announcement as early as Tuesday, Republican sources said.

Wow.  Okay.

"The time is now,” said a Republican strategist close to the White House of Bush’s announcement.

Why is the time “now”, Mr. Republican-Strategist-Close-To-The-White-House?

Sources said the timing of an announcement had been moved up in part to deflect attention away from a CIA leak controversy that has engulfed Bush’s top political adviser, Karl Rove.

A Republican strategist with close to the White House described Clement as the leading candidate. “She’s pretty untouchable,” he said. “Plus, it helps take Rove off the front pages for a week."

Ah.  Of course.

Curse you, you clever White House!  Nobody will see through your diabolically clever distraction!!