More Wingnut Reasons Why It Is Okay For Rove To Out Covert Agents

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The folks at World O’ Crap are spoofing the right-wing machine this week, by offering more reasons why it would be okay for Rove to expose Plame as a CIA operative:

Reason #1: Because Plame made out with her husband before marriage.  And, even worse, she goes by her maiden name.

Reason #2: Because Karl did it to keep Plame from inventing a time machine, going back to 1911, and preventing Ronald Reagan from ever being born. 

Reason #3:  Because when Joe Wilson was the ambassador to Iraq, he met with Saddam Hussein.  Saddam had links to al Qaeda, in that some of his people met with some of their people.  Therefore, Joe Wilson has links to al Qaeda!  So, Rove had to out Wilson’s wife to prevent her from causing another 9/11! 

Reason #4: Because Karl Rove learned Plame’s identity from Novak, who learned it from Judy Miller, who learned it from Matt Cooper, who learned it from Karl Rove.  Scooter Libby is in there somewhere too.  And as the law says, if it’s a circle jerk, then Rove is free to smirk. 

Reason #5: Because the Agent Protection Act says “knowing that the information disclosed so identifies such covert agent,” but Karl didn’t know that Ms. Plame’s name would identify her, because he thought that, as a covert agent, she went by a cool Bond Girl name, like “Pussy Galore” or “Holly Goodhead” or “Vixen Oralsex."