Lying As A Natural Habit

Ken AshfordBush & Co., Supreme CourtLeave a Comment

So Scottie sez that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts “doesn’t recall ever paying dues or being a member” of the conservative Federalist Society.

But John Roberts himself said that participatws in Federalist Society events and gave speeches for the organization.  And the Washington Post reported Monday that it had obtained from a liberal group a 1997-98 Federalist Society leadership directory listing Roberts, then a partner in a private law firm, as—not only being a member—but being a steering committee member in the group’s Washington chapter.

Now, personally, I don’t think it means a wit whether Roberts was a member or not.  I don’t LIKE the Federalist Society, but membership alone is about as disqualifying as a membership in the ACLU.

My issue deals with the White House lying.  Why do we get distortions from the White House on, it seems, everything?  Do these people know hoe to be honest and direct, or are they simply too pre-conditioned to shade the truth?