First (and Probably Last) Impressions of Supreme Court Nominee Roberts

Ken AshfordSupreme CourtLeave a Comment

I’ve purposely avoided listening to the blogosphere and the talking heads on TV.  When I read the “leak” that he was the nominee, I checked out his record.

His record as a judge is not very extensive, and his record as an attorney appears to be one in which he argued in favor of conservative causes (and/or conservative clients).

The former (his history as a judge) isn’t all that helpful, and the latter (his politics, maybe) is entirely irrelevant.  Other than that, he seems to be a smart (even brilliant), hardworking career attorney with impeccable credentials.

So what can be said about his nomination?  Barring some revelation that he twists the heads of kittens, this guy is clearly qualified.  He’s presumably conservative, but that, of course, does not render him unqualified to sit on the bench.  No filibuster necessary.

So there it is.  This is what the 2004 election was about.  Kerry lost, which means this day was inevitable.  And here it is.  Democrats can and should vet him, as is their obligation and duty, and we (on the left) can hope he’ll become a Souter . . . but from where I sit right now, there’s no reason—none at all—not to confirm him.