Bush Pulls Access To Classified Info

Ken AshfordBush & Co., PlamegateLeave a Comment

Not pulled from Rove, but from certain members of Congress.

The date was 10/5/01, and here’s the executive order in which he does it.

What prompted such an action?  Well, apparently, some lawmakers had told the Washington Post that they had been informed that more terrorist attacks were likely, a conjecture derived from intelligence documents.  Bush couldn’t have things like honest intelligence agency assessments leaking out to the sheeple, so he yanked lawmakers’ access, saying:

We can’t have leaks of classified information.  It’s not in our nation’s interest.

So . . . rightly or wrongly, Bush limited access to classified information.  Not only was there no crime, but no investigation of a crime either.  “It’s not in our nation’s interest”, he said.  So why the double standard when it comes to Karl Rove and Scooter Libby?  Does partisan politics trump “national interest”?

With this White House, you bet it does.