What Time Is It?

Ken AshfordBush & Co.Leave a Comment

Bush is plummeting in the polls, republicans and public support are turning against Bush on social security, the War in Iraq, and John Bolton, and everybody’s talking about the hyped-up and “fixed” pre-war intelligence.

You know what that means, right?  Yup, it’s time for Bush to energize his base by going after the gays.  Nothing like playing upon middle America’s homophobia to get a bump or two in the polls.  Hey, it worked in November….

P.S.  The photo of Bush in the above link is kinda odd.  Is it me, or is Bush the only person who can frown and smile at the same time?  (Cover up half of his face with your hand, then slide your hand over and cover the other half.  You’ll see what I mean)