What TBogg Says

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His language may be strong, and his analysis somewhat oversimplistic, but if you can see past it, I think he’s drawn a pretty good bead on the right wingers.  Reflecting on Durbin’s non-apology for pointing out torture, TBogg writes:

Every time the chickenhawks endorse torture they make it more dangerous for American service people. Do they care? Not really. They don’t have any kids in the line of fire. Not Hindrocket Jr and not the lil’ Surbers. Their kids are too white and too special to make any sacrifices.

Let’s be honest here. These people fit into two categories.

1) They know what they are saying is bullshit but they have to deflect the emerging storyline that the war is being lost, public opinion is running away from them, and they were wrong wrong wrong and now 1724 American soldiers are dead because their President lied, they knew it, but they wanted someone to go kick some raghead ass so they could feel safe at night because they’re congenital cowards at heart. Who cares what they think? Fuck ‘em.

2) They’re stupid. Stone cold, paste-eating, ditto-headed walking advertisements for eugenics who want so hard to fit in that they’ll parrot any talking point that is explained to them in easy to understand terms as long as you keep it within the two syllable limit. To respond to them with anything more than a patronizing pat on the head and an offer of pudding or a shiny dime is a waste of time. So fuck them too.