Michelle’s Odd Sense Of Humor

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Perpetually-outraged internment-loving blogger Michelle Malkin recently posted this blog entry, entitled "Terrorists Heart The French", which I reprint in its entirety:

Terrorist farewell gifts for a recently released French kidnapping victim:

Two rings and a bottle of perfume.

I guess Michelle’s point is that terrorists and the French are cut from the same cloth, peas-in-a-pod, kindred spirits, gift-giving bosom buddies, etc.

Unfortunately, when you click on her link, you come to an article entitled "Abductors ‘Beat’ French Hostage", quite the opposite of “Terrorists Heart the French”.  The article recounts the story of the French journalist, Florence Aubenas, who was held for five months by Sunni religious fanatics, kept blindfolded in a room 13 feet by 6 feet, living “crouched down in the pitch black for weeks”, subject to beating when she talked with a cellmate, etc.  Hardly a heart-fest.

But, hey.  Michelle glosses over all that, because the abducted journalist was, you know, French.  So it’s okay to make light.