Lying Liars (Drudge/Klein Version)

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BcThis is a picture of Bill Clinton kissing an unidentified woman.  It appears on Drudge’s site exactly as I show it below.  Drudge’s text is about the new Hillary Clinton book and carries the headline “BOOK CLAIM: HILLARY HUMILIATED AS BILL HAS NEW AFFAIRS”, and it seems that this photo appears in the piece-of-shit book as well.

The photo is heavily cropped, and darkened to give the impression that Clinton was photographed giving a young woman a clandestined kiss at night somewhere.  In fact, it took place in broad daylight surrounded by hundreds of people at a Kerry rally.  And it wasn’t, as Drudge claimed, a “mouth-kiss”.  For the full story, the words of the photographer, and the actual unretouched photos, see here.