Intolerance – The Reality Show

Ken AshfordPopular CultureLeave a Comment

Here’s the premise for ABC’s new reality series, “Welcome To The Neighborhood”:

Three well-to-do white Christians families get new neighbors.  The neighbor-families include an African-American family, a Caucasian family, a Korean family, a Latino family, a gay family, plus one family in which husband and wife are heavily tattooed, and another in which mom and dad are devoted to the practice of Wicca, sometimes known as witchcraft or paganism.

Apparently, the opinionated white Christian families vote off the neighbors one-by-one, until the final neighbor—presumably, the least offensive—wins.  The winning family gets a four-bedroom, three-bath home, plus furnishings, upgrades and two years’ worth of property taxes paid for them.

ABC is doing its best to spin the program as educational—a social experiment in which we can learn about racism, sexism, etc., . . . and a little bit about ourselves. 

But we know why people will watch—they will watch to see the fur fly.  And ABC knows that, too.  It’s using intolerance as a basis for entertainment, not education. Read more here.