Get Ready For The Kristian Kook Backlash

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For those not in the know, ICANN is the organization which decides, among other things, Internet domain handles.  They’re the folks who literally gave us “dot-com”, and more recently “dot-org” and “dot-gov”, to name a few.  And now—as blogged about here—ICANN has approved the use of “.XXX” as a top-level domain. 

Yup.  It’s for porn sites.

The blogger at the link above thinks that creating a dot-xxx domain for porn sites is “morally backrupt”.  It’s not.  It makes sense.  Give them their own red light district, which makes it easier for those searching for porn (everyone, raise your hands) to find what they are looking for, and makes it easier for everyone else to avoid those sites.  Everybody wins. 

The only complainers, I’m sure, will be those who want to stifle free speech.