Cox & Forkum Embarassment Watch

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From their rant about the new Ground zero memorial complex, I’ll start with a moronic gaffe to demonstrate their ignorance:

Keep in mind the context here: the “Guantanamo is a gulag” ACLU and other leftists groups are involved in the memorial.

Uh, guys.  That’s Amnesty International.  Two entirely different bodies.

But then they REALLY step in it:

In fact, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., should serve as a model for the WTC memorial, as a guiding principle on how to create a real tribute to the 9/11 victims that does not shy away from naming the enemy, its anti-freedom ideology, and telling the full, horrible story. It’s not a matter of scale but of content and presentation. Not only does the Holocaust Museum explain how and why Nazism came to power but also how and why the Nazis systematically murdered millions. It tells survivors’ stories and how the free state of Israel was born. It shows how life was reclaimed from a culture of death, destruction and tyranny. There are even television monitors—conscientiously shielded from children—that unblinkingly show the true horror committed against Jews and others.

Of course, Cox & Forkum are too wrapped up in the paranoid outrage to realize that Tom Bernstein, the “radical liberal” on the IFC Board who is the center of the wingnut criticism, is actually on the Board of Directors of the Holocaust Museum and chairs certain committees there.