At Long Last, I Introduce . . .

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. . . the religious left.

The success of the Religious Right in appropriating the language of Christianity has led many people to become generally wary of religion in the public sphere and of Christianity in particular.  The Religious Right has used the language of Christianity to promote an extreme and divisive political agenda that has helped polarize our nation. But foundational Christian values like compassion, justice and peace are largely absent from our political discussion.  And there are millions of Christian Americans who share progressive views, or, at a minimum, are increasingly turned off by the extreme rhetoric and political agenda of the Religious Right.

The Christian Alliance for Progress is a national movement that started in Jacksonville, Florida among ordinary Americans who want to reclaim Christianity and change this current political picture.  Members in the movement want to restore core values of Christianity while honoring diverse views about religion and Christian life.  Many Americans, especially people of faith, are ready to hear from Christians who are tolerant, and who understand the many ways that our faiths impact our views of public life. The Christian Alliance advances a renewed, progressive vision of Gospel values and seeks to help Americans express this moral vision in our lives and in our politics

Support them.

Okay.  I wonder how long it will be before this group gets compared to Nazis/Hitler.  I’m starting the clock nnnnnnnnow–

More from their website—where they stand on “The Issues”:

Caring For “The Least Of These” – Pursuing Economic Justice

The Jesus of the Gospels calls us to good stewardship, justice, and care for “the least of these.” We call on our nation’s leaders to seek economic justice in the management of our nation’s wealth.

Caring for the Earth – Responsible Environmental Stewardship for Today

Jesus urged his followers to be good stewards and to act for good in the world here and now.  We respond by caring for God’s created world today, holding our environment in trust for our children.

Rejecting Bigotry, Embracing Dignity – Equality for Gays and Lesbians

Jesus taught equality, justice and obligation.  We accept Jesus’ call to love one another and to welcome all God’s children at the table.

Honoring the Sanctity Of Childbearing Decisions
Effective Prevention vs. Criminalizing Abortion

Jesus taught compassion, responsibility, and equality.  Following his call, we support responsible, compassionate programs that are genuinely effective in helping prevent unintended pregnancy.  We affirm that each woman’s body belongs to herself.  No woman should be forced either to bear a child or to terminate a pregnancy.

Forsaking Brute Power – Seeking Peace, Not War

Jesus knew power and he knew it could be used for justice or for conquest.  Over and over, Jesus blessed his followers with peace and urged them to peace.  Following his example, we call for restraint – not aggression – in the exercise of our nation’s power.

Extending Healing to All – Health Care for All Americans

Jesus’ insisted on justice, equality, and care for “the least of these.” Acting on his teachings, we claim every American must have access to excellent health care.