Another Bad Bill

Ken AshfordCongress, Sex/Morality/Family ValuesLeave a Comment

Senate Bill 1113 hopes to do the following: “NO FEDERAL FUNDS FOR DRUGS PRESCRIBED FOR THE TREATMENT OF SEXUAL OR ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”.  You can read the full text of the bill by going here, and doing a search.

The bill, sponsored by Senators Santorum, Lott, Ensign and Grassley (no surprise), was obviously written in response to the recent discoveries that Medicaid was reimbursing Viagra expenses for prisoners convicted of rape and child molestation.

The problem is, this bill bans much more.

Suppose you were an Iraqi veteran, and suffered some physical trauma to the groin area.  Or perhaps you had some emotional trauma which has affected your erectile functionality.  I think we would all agree that you were a casualty of war.  Can you get federal help under this bill for your Viagra costs?  Nope. 

So I ask this: is it too much to ask that Uncle Sam reimburse soldiers for injuries they sustained in service to their country?