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Wake the kids and load the mini-van.  It’s time for a trip to the Creation Museum!

Wait.  Better not yet.  The museum will open in 2007 in Northern Kentucky, USA (natch), right near the Cincinnati Airport.

A 50,000 square foot facility, it claims to be “a wonderful alternative to the evolutionary natural history museums that are turning countless minds against the gospel of Christ and the authority of the Scripture”.  Cool.  And you can be sure that, in the words of Richard Attenborough (Jurassic Park), “no expense will be spared”.

I anticipate your question.  “Speaking of Jurassic Park, will there be dinosaurs in the Creation Museum?  I mean, there’s no mention of the dinosaurs in the Bible, so I guess there won’t be any in the Creation Museum.”

Hahahahaha.  How wrong you are.  There will be dinosaurs.  Yesiree, Bob.  Kids and parents alike will be greated by two young animatronic T-Rex’s in the lobby who will give—I swear I am not making this up—“sworn testimony” about their origins.  That’s right.  Puppet dinosaurs giving “sworn testimony”.  I guess they will put their left claws on an animatronic Bible or something.

Visitors will learn that T-Rex’s were originally vegetarians (Genesis 1:30, apparently), until Adam’s sin brought a curse upon the world.  That’s when T-Rex’s decided they wanted meat.  Wow.  I can’t believe how I’ve been LIED to all these years.

And apparently, there is also a display which informs museum visitors that Adam named all the animals in the world, including the dinosaurs.  Which is a pretty neat trick when you think about it.  I mean, most dinosaurs have Greek names, so a hat tip to Adam for knowing Greek before the advent of the Greek civilization.

Read more about the museum here and here.

And for God’s sakes (literally!), book your tickets NOW!  He wants you to.