Schism on the Right Widens

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It’s nice to see people like Glenn Reynolds,George Will, Christopher Hitchens, Eugene Volokh, and even self-proclaimed “born-again Christians" speak out today and take principled stands against the excesses of social conservatism as thrust upon us by the holier-than-thou religious right.  I like Hitchen’s quote best:

The need of the hour is for some senior members of the party of Lincoln to disown and condemn the creeping and creepy movement to impose orthodoxy on a free and pluralist and secular Republic.

He’s right, of course. 

But it’s interesting (well, not really) that this level of criticism didn’t appear prior to the election (despite the fact that certain center-to-right commentators like Andrew Sullivan had the, er, balls to speak up about it). 

I expect the schism on the right to grow, not because of the “South Park Conservatives”, but because of the unyielding and unbending nature of the prurient religious right.  They know they put Bush over the top, and now they feel they are owed.  Looks like the Repub Party has to deal with the devil it slept with.