Qu’ran Mishandling Confirmed

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Developing story, but here’s what is known so far:

WASHINGTON – U.S. officials have substantiated five cases in which military guards or interrogators mishandled the Quran of Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Bay but found “no credible evidence” to confirm a prisoner’s report that a holy book was flushed in a toilet, the prison’s commander said Thursday.


Of course, the right wing blogosphere (aided by the lazy press, if the above is any example) is going to obsess over the flushing aspect of the story, and they’ll do their requsite “see, we told you so” victory dance.  But we all know that’s hardly exculpatory in light of the fact that the Pentagon has now confirmed mishandling of the Quran. 

Let’s be clear on this: The Pentagon has now confirmed that mishandling of the Quran occurred.

To say a “see I told you so” is the equivalent of Lynnie England (sp?) proving that the dog leash was on the loosest setting.