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There is a lot of stupidity and hyperbole surrounding this story about a story.  It’s been tough to pick out the most outrageously over-reactive response.  But the White House tipped the scales of stupidity:

The White House said on Monday an inaccurate Newsweek report based on an anonymous source had damaged the U.S. image overseas by claiming U.S. interrogators desecrated the Koran at Guantanamo Bay.

Since when has the White House been concerned about the U.S. image overseas?   When Attorney General Alberto Gonzales called the Geneva Conventions "quaint?" When Rumsfeld referred to France and Germany as "Old Europe?" When the Bush Administration walked away from the Kyoto Protocol without offering any sort of alternative plan? When Bush nominated John Bolton to be our ambassador to the U.N., a man whose best quality is his blunt disdain for people he disagrees with? When they blithely dismissed torture in Abu Ghraib as just the work of "a few bad apples?"

Not to mention the biggest image-destroyer of all: the Iraq War itself, premised on non-existent WMDs.  At least when Newsweek got bad information, it had the balls to admit to retract.  Your move, White House.