More Bad Polls For Repubs

Ken AshfordRepublicansLeave a Comment

Another poll is out—this time by NBC/Wall Street Journal (yes, that bastion of liberalism, the WSJ)—and it looks especially bad for the theo-neocons in the 2006 election.  Democrats have a 47%-40% edge over the GOP in the generic ballot question for 2006, the largest advantage for the Democrats in this poll since 1994, while respondents felt by a large margin that Congress doesn’t share their priorities. According to the poll, the largest drop-off in support for Congress has come from Republicans.

This is remarkable since the Republican agenda is front and center, while the Democrats agenda isn’t even suited up for the game.  For example, Bush goes across the nation to sell his Social Security plan, and the views of him and his plan plummet . . . even without a Democrat alternative! (The Democrats offered no alternative because they deny the “crisis").  Imagine what happens in 2006 when Democrats actually start talking about their core issues again: health care, education, jobs and the economy . . . the issues that respondents in the poll thought are being ignored.  Even though the poll is down on Dems (although not nearly as much as Repubs), the meta-message is that it is time for Democrats to start pushing their (and the peoples’) agenda once again.