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Amanda Marcotte notes something:

The number above is the number of days between the bombing of Pearl Harbor and V-J Day. Since it’s not unheard for the warbloggers to compare the War on Terra favorably to WWII, this number has some significance today, the 1,346th day after September 11th, according to Shakespeare’s Sister and Angry Bear.

Contrary to the heavy-handed war romanticism from the 101st Fightin’ Keyboardists, the Greatest Generation Part Deux we are not. Mostly we are a nation of sniveling cowards who re-elected someone we knew for a fact to be a goddamned lying, money-grubbing piece of shit who only squeaked by with serious fear-mongering. And he did so because he’s a coward himself, afraid to follow in FDR’s footsteps and tell us that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself because he knew that kind of courage doesn’t win you elections. Not when you’re a smirking frat boy with nothing to back it up.

In the time it took the Greatest Generation to fight off both the Germans and the Japanese, the Cowardly Generation has managed to make Newsweek look stupid and Dan Rather retire, though, so I guess we can’t be too hard on them.

The Greatest Generation knew that a war effort this massive would require effort from everyone and with that end in mind, they intergrated women into the military for the first time with the WAC and while black Americans were still serving in segregated units, the contributions of both blacks and women during WWII set the stage for rebellions that came later and society progressed. The Cowardly Generation thinks the best way to win a war is to exclude gays and women from military duty as much as you can while rolling back social reforms at home.

The Greatest Generation rationed sugar, coffee, fabrics and mostly oil for the war effort. The Cowardly Generation decided that the best way to show support was to purchase massive SUVs that looked manly while increasing our dependence on the oil that got us into this shit to begin with.

The Greatest Generation fought because they had to, and they fought invading armies with long, long track records of aggression. The Cowardly Generation made up some bullshit about what a country that had nothing to do with attacks on us might do in the future possibly if what we know to be true could concievably be true according to some outdated information and used that as an excuse to divert military resources into an attack on a country that didn’t attack us.

Warbloggers of the world, please take note of the day and explain what the magic bullet is that will make all of this work out in the end.