WHO Is Against People Of Faith?

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This past weekend, there was a liberal-bashing conference put on by Family Research Council in which it was said — falsely — that Democrats are against "people of faith", particularly judges.  It’s an insidious lie.  Most Democrats are people of faith; we just don’t believe that our faith (or anybody else’s) should be incorporated into laws and public policy (because religion is a private matter and all).

But that’s not what I wanted to write about.  I wanted to ask why the Christians Conservatives aren’t going apeshit about this photo:


That’s a picture of George Bush holding hands with Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Abdullah at the Crawford ranch.  That was taken today.

No, it’s not the holding hands that should cause concern (although they do make a cute couple).  It’s what Abdullah did last Friday:

Before boarding his flight to Crawford to meet with President Bush Monday, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah presided over the arrest of 40 Pakistani Christians on Friday. Their crime? The Pakistanis were caught praying in a private home in the capital Riyadh in violation of the state’s strictly enforced religious law that bans all non-Muslim worship.

Now, imagine that President Bill Clinton had met with, and walked hand-in-hand with, a Saudi Prince who had just arrested Christians for the "crime" of praying to Christ.  The Christian Right would have gone ballistic.  Like, Schiavo-ballistic.

But since it is George Bush and not Clinton, what do we hear from the Christian Right instead?

[Insert the sound of crickets chirping here]

Nope.  Not so much as a peep from Dobson or his brethren.  Mmmmmm.  IOKIYAR, right?  (See my post below)

This just proves that many Christians are willing pawns of the political right and/or they lack the courage of their supposed convictions.  Christian faith continues to be hi-jacked by the right wing in order to further their un-Christian political agenda, while the foolish illiterate and uninformed faithful just follow blindly.