How It Happens

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Day #1:  A reader to PowerBlog writes a comment:

I am so sick of liberals talking about "separation of church and state".  I finally went to the Constitution to see if I can find the phrase.  What I found was much more startling.  The Constitution is full of spelling errors!  Has anyone noticed this?  — Jason S., Dubuque, IA

Day #2:  One of the authors of PowerBlog, a thirtysomething male of no discernible expertise in any relevant matter, blogs as follows:

In the comments section, one of PowerBlogs’s readers points out that the Constitution is full of spelling errors.  It sure is!  I mean, "…to eftablifh juftice, enfure domeftic tranquility…"?  I think one can openly question whether the Constitution, which the left loves to embrace, is indeed authentic.

Day #3:  Michelle Magalalalang gets angry and stomps here widdle foot:

Here we go again.  Have we been duped by the left and the MSM?  The boys at PowerBlog have the goods.  It appears that the so-called "living Constitution" that liberals love is . . . wait for it . . . a forgery!  The tip-off is the spelling errors, but the boys at PowerBlog are on the case.  My only question is this: If the Constitution were soooo real and great, then how come all the typos?  Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

More to come, I’m sure . . .

Day #4:  PowerBlog posts:

We have a confirmation!  It appears that both the type-faced version of the Constitution and the hand-written version of the Constitution contain the same errors in spelling and grammar.  Such consistency of the same errors strongly indicate that (a) this is part of a well-organized liberal conspiracy to foist a phony Constitution on us, or (b) extra-terrestrials are somehow involved.  Option b is silly, so option a is the most likely…

Given all the overwhelming evidence, I think we can conclude that this is the greatest scandal in the history of America and that PowerBlog should be deified as the greatest blog in the history of the world, and Time magazine should be grateful to have the chance to write about us again.

Day #4 (continued):  InsertPundit weighs in, linking to PowerBlog’s latest post:

This sounds about right.

Day #4 (continued):  LGF shows some pictures of some olive-skinned people in another country burning an American flag.

Day #4 (continued):  Michelle Magalalalang creams in her panties:

Some liberal out there just sent me an email telling me I shouldn’t be "creaming in my panties" about Constitutiongate.  Typical liberal.  Oh!  And here’s another email from someone who calls me an "Asian".  Nice language.  But it is what I have come to expect.

Meanwhile, the boys at PowerBlog have nailed this fishy Constitution business down.  My only question is this: where is the MSM in all this?  Why haven’t they responded to the fact that liberals probably have conceivably fabricated this Constitution in order to further their agenda?  What am I supposed to make of the MSM’s silence on this scandal?  Should I be — what’s this???

Look!  Another mean email!  Quit it, you liberals!!  Oh, no!!  Here’s a website where they cut off my head and put in onto someone else’s body!!!  I’m telling!!! 

Day #5:   The Fox Evening News with Brit Humidor:

"Evidence suggests that the Constitution is false.  For one thing, it contains numerous spelling errors, say many prominent Republicans, including these ones [rolls video of prominent Republicans opining that the Constitution is fake, except for possibly the Second Amendment]. For further analysis, I have invited several Republicans to comment.  And to balance out their views, we’ll be checking in with Zell Miller and Marlee Matlin."

Fox News scroll for the next 48 hours:  "The Constitution is a fake, says sources; all heads turn toward Democrats for an explanation."

Day #6:  Michelle Magalalalang:

Anyone besides me notice how the only ones who seem to be coming out and saying that the Constitution is authentic . . . are liberal academicians?  Last night, on Chris Matthews’ "Hardball", they actually showed a Harvard legal historian saying that the Constitution is real, and offering some questionable data that the letter "s" used to be written like an "f".  Well, of course that’s what he is going to say!  Duh!  Meanwhile, the MSM is being unusually quiet to all the questions being asked and I —

OHMYGOD!  Someone sent me an email where they used my name in a "k-i-s-s-i-n-g up in a tree" poem!  Oh, will this torture never cease?!? 

Day #6:  InsertPundit displays some "natural" "campus" pictures of young co-eds in halter tops.  He adds:

Because I am only a law professor, I can’t decide where I come down on this ConstitutionGate scandal, but I think these round-ups by PowerBlog and Mickey Maus manage to summarize all sides of the issue pretty well.  And even if this turns out to be over-reaching on the part of conservatives and Republicans, I’m sure that liberals and Democrats are somehow just as guilty, if not more so, of the same thing — if not in this scandal, than in some other one.

Day #7:  As the cable news channels and blogospheres argue and bitch about whether the Constitution is real or not, the Republican-controlled Congress quietly convenes and passes every possible draconian law ever devised by Satan himself.