Daffy Dobson

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Apparently the Christian Right Wrong doesn’t think it is batshit enough as it is, so along comes James Dobson to rectify the situation.  If you listen to his recent show here (advance the time stamp to 22:52), you will hear Dobson compare the "black-robed men" (meaning the Supreme Court) to the "men in white robes, the Ku Klux Klan".

Gee, I wonder how Clarence Thomas feels about that.

Billmon is probably right:

And so the Christian right’s attacks on the bench grow ever more hysterical. Judge Greer as Caiaphas? Joseph Stalin as a legal role model? Clarence Thomas as Klan leader?? It all seems completely deranged until you think about what the ayatollahs are trying to accomplish. This is red-meat politics at its absolute reddest — blood red. And the Supreme Court may find itself compared to even fouler things than the KKK before the battle is over.

UPDATE:  The link to Herr Dobson’s website no longer contains the April 11 diatribe.  You have to pay nine bucks for it now.

UPDATE #2:  Oliver Willis has the incriminating soundbite (mp3) here.