Terri Schiavo News Wrap-up

Ken AshfordAssisited Suicide/Schiavo, Sex/Morality/Family ValuesLeave a Comment

Today is the day that Terri Schiavo is to have her feeding tube removed and to have a dignified death.

But, you know how busybody some people are.  Even though they don’t know her, or claim to know her, or claim to know what Terri would have wanted, the conservative we-know-better-than-you-because-God-tells-us-we’re-right assholes are doing all they can to make sure Terri’s suffering continues.  You know, because life is precious even if you are unaware of that you are alive and will never be aware of it.

Having exhausted the legal battles, the Terri-torturers would now abuse the judicial system by handing out subpoenae.  Not there is any legitimate legal reason to do this.  It’s merely using the judicial process for the sole purpose of causing delay.  By the way, if I tried something like that, I would be sanctioned.