Revoke Frist’s Medical License

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Via The Left Coaster:

Liberal Oasis provides today’s action item: help revoke Bill Frist’s medical license for gross dereliction of duty. Remember that Bill Clinton was stripped of his ability to practice law because he lied under oath. Well, Bill Frist has definitely betrayed his medical oath.

Now once again, he has violated his pledge to “be honest in all professional interactions,” “advance scientific knowledge” and “maintain a commitment to medical education” by claiming to make a superior diagnosis than Terri Schiavo’s doctors by watching a few video clips.

…To file an ethics complaint, download the [official Nashville Academy of Medicine grievance form], follow the directions, have it notarized, and return it to the address at the bottom of the form.

Feel free to roll all of Frist’s ethical violations into one comprehensive complaint.

What a great idea. Holding a Republican accountable to his oath.

It’s your turn now.