Republicans and War

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From E&P:

Gallup: Americans Don’t Like Syria, Iran, N. Korea, but Don’t Want War

A new Gallup Poll released today shows that while Americans have very negative opinions of Syria, North Korea, and Iran, by very wide margins they do not want to go to war with them. Still, about 4 in 10 Republicans would support "military action" against each of the countries.

In the total sample, two in three oppose military action against Iran (66%), Syria (65%), or North Korea (62%).

This comes despite the three countries’ low favorable ratings: Syria (25%), North Korea (12%), and Iran (12%).

As usual these days, sharp partisan splits are apparent. Some 46% of Republicans would support military action against North Korea, compared with just 26% of independents and 23% of Democrats. For Iran it breaks down similarly (43%-23%-17%) and Syria (39%-23%-13%).

Support for military action against Iran has declined, however, since January 2002, shortly after 9/11 and President Bush’s “axis of evil” speech. Back then 71% said they would back military action against Iran.

Okay, well, if Republicans are so gung-ho for wars against Iran, Syria, and North Korea, then I suggest they drive their kids to the recruitment stations right now.  Let THEM fight it.