More Rightwing Self-loathing

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At Alan Keye’s Renew America site, they aren’t mincing words:

Dear President Bush,

As a lifelong Republican and staunch supporter of you and your policies, I feel compelled to write to you today, during this Easter season of life and liberty from sin and death, where we all come together to experience the transcendent joy which traditionally marks the anniversary of our Lord Jesus Christ’s passion, death and resurrection.

However, with great sadness and in stark contrast to the joyous atmosphere which traditionally permeates the collective soul of our nation in springtime, here today we stand together instead to watch one of our own, Terri Schiavo, starve to death at the very hands of the people who claim to be her fellow Americans, indeed, those same individuals who swore oaths to be her protectors and defenders.

"One of our own"?  What does he mean by that?  Are all wingers brain dead?  Or on a feeding tube?  Or what?

Well, it goes on like that for a while, but it soon gets incredibly shrill.

You had all of our support. Our loyalty was boundless. Our hopes and expectations in your leadership were limitless — until now. Support, loyalty, hope, expectation — these now lie in shattered pieces on the ground. Do you realize what you have done? Can you comprehend the magnitude of destruction? How many more will follow Terri to the grave before God is ready to receive them now that the gates of hell have been unleashed?

Fuck me!  The gates of hell have been unleashed?  Excuse me.  I just soiled myself.  I am soooooo not prepared for this.  I thought it might happen, but — you know — I thought it might be because of wars or whatever.  Not hospices.

You had the opportunity to become a truly great president. This opportunity rested in the palm of your hand. Yet, you chose to throw it away, for it was inseparably linked to the precious life of Terri Schiavo. Your greatness, along with the respect that we had for you, now lies in the grave with her.

History will not place your marble bust along side those of Washington and Lincoln, who heroically and by demonstrable faith led our nation through very dark and dangerous times into safety and prosperity to become "one nation under God." Such an honor is not befitting men in authority who betray oath, trust and loyalty as you and others have done.

"One nation under God" was put into the Pledge of Allegience in the mid-1950’s — a while after Washington and Lincoln — but I get your point.

No Mr. President, your bust will be placed next to that of Pontius Pilate where, like him, you, too, will be provided a marble wash basin to forever rest in front of your image.

I recall that Pilate "washed his hands" of Jesus (that’s where that phrase comes from, in fact) using a basin.  I just don’t recall that Pilate was forced to look at a sink for the rest of his life.

Mr. President, history will record that at the moment of Terri Schiavo’s death, you did not eliminate Saddam Hussein — you became him.

Paul Rasavage

Sounds like Paul is unhappy.  Of course, I have a clue as to why, and it may have nothing to do with Terri Schiavo, or the president.  The clue rests in his bio:

Paul is also founder of the Serenellians, a Catholic apostolate that ministers to individuals who desire to break free of their addiction to pornography . . .

Paul, a life without porn is a life without pictures and movies of naked people having sex with each other.  Yeah, I mean — everything in moderation — but . . . you know.  Get real.