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MalkinHardly a day goes by when Michelle "Little Lulu" Malkin doesn’t write something incredibly duplicitious or illogical.  Yesterday was no exception:

One of the pro-abortion Left’s favorite attacks on people of faith is that we only care about children before they’re born and not afterwards.

Hint to Malkin: linking to a Google search (search=anti-abortion+only+care+about+children+before+they+are+born) is pretty lame to begin with, but if you must, then make sure the results reflect what you claim.  I could claim, for example, that Republicans fart all day long, and google a search that Republicans fart all day long as "evidence" of this.  But the fact that I get tens of thousands of "hits" means nothing since, upon inspection, very few of them actually make a statement to that effect.

Perhaps this is why the mainstream media has ignored the amazing stories of pro-life activists who have been keeping vigil outside Terri Schiavo’s hospice–people like Steve and Tony Sakac, the Withey family, and the Anderson sisters who won’t ever appear on the front page of the New York Times or Washington Post.

Michelle would like it if the New York Times and the Washington Post put a headline informing people that disabled people exist.  This was apparently "news" to Michelle.

And it explains why the MSM has ignored the humanitarian work of the Life Legal Defense Foundation and the life-affirming of evangelical groups such as Joni and Friends, which advocates for the disabled.

That’s what pisses Michelle off.  The fact that the media isn’t turning the Schiavo matter into free advertising for comparatively small advocacy groups.  Oh, and Michelle?  I noticed this at the Joni and Friends website: "Joni also has been interviewed by the New York Times regarding the Terri Schiavo case. The article will appear in the Religion section in the Wednesday, March 23rd edition, by Lorie Goldstein, the Religion Editor."

Instead, we get pieces like this Associated Press report–which treats pro-life activists as freaks and editorializes disapprovingly that demonstrators have brought children "some too young to truly understand why they are there."

Pray tell — which of the pro-life activists is a "freak", according to the article?  Heck, even I don’t think that!

For millions of Americans of faith of all ages, standing up for the sanctity of life is not just an empty slogan–but a deeply-held principle put into action daily. The MSM had ample opportunity to tell the stories of some of the inspiring people who have stood vigil outside Terri Schiavo’s hospice. Instead, as they have done throughout this ordeal, they looked the other way.

Yes, the MSM "looked the other way" by not reporting on Schiavo protesters, except for the article you mentioned as well as all of these articles.

Michelle, you are just one big lying baby whose knickers are perpetually in a twist — aren’t you honey?