Life Imitates “Footloose”

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CheerleadingWhere’s Kevin Bacon and Patrick Swayze when you need them?

Lawmaker Seeks to End Sexy Cheerleading
By APRIL CASTRO, Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN, Texas – The Friday night lights in Texas could soon be without bumpin’ and grindin’ cheerleaders. Legislation filed by Rep. Al Edwards would put an end to "sexually suggestive" performances at athletic events and other extracurricular competitions.

"It’s just too sexually oriented, you know, the way they’re shaking their behinds and going on, breaking it down," said Edwards, a 26-year veteran of the Texas House. "And then we say to them, ‘don’t get involved in sex unless it’s marriage or love, it’s dangerous out there’ and yet the teachers and directors are helping them go through those kind of gyrations."

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