Kansas Attorney General – A Liar and a Wanker

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Kevin Drum is right:

Kansas AG Phill Kline claims he needs abortion records of teenage girls because he figures some of them were raped and he wants to track down the rapists. So why not get the records of teenage girls who actually give birth too? Mouse Words reports that Kline addressed that question today:

I have stated that repeatedly; we are looking for the child predators. You do not find child predators standing in a hospital as their prey gives birth to the child that they father. That’s common sense.

That’s a fine legal mind at work, isn’t it? You’d think that if he were really concerned about child abuse and rape, as opposed to harrassment of abortion clinics, he’d try actually investigating teenage births instead of assuming that the only way to catch the perps is to hang around the hospital hoping they show up. There are only a few dozen a month, after all.

But you’d think wrong. I think it’s safe to say that harrassment of abortion clinics is the real issue here.