I’m a Racist

Ken AshfordSocial SecurityLeave a Comment

… because I oppose Bush’s privatization of social security idea. 

Well, that’s what the President says.  Pretty amazing.  Here’s what he said yesterday:

And so there are guidelines as to what you can invest in. I was being somewhat facetious on the lottery — but really not. There’s a proper risk reward, a portfolio that will allow you as a younger worker to pick a mix of stocks and bonds. Oh, I know they say certain people aren’t capable of investing, you know, the investor class. It kind of sounds like to me, you know, a certain race of people living in a certain area. I believe everybody’s got the capability of being in the investor class.

This is surely a sign of desparation, when the opposition creates strawmen, i.e., "They say that if you support me, then you are a Nazi racist sexist blah blah blah.  But I say . . ."

Anyway, this all may be moot, because Bush’s so-called plan looks dead, dead, and dead.