If It Walks Like a Lame Duck…

Ken AshfordSocial SecurityLeave a Comment

From the Washington Post:

The Senate’s top Republican [Bill Frist] said yesterday that President Bush’s bid to restructure Social Security may have to wait until next year and might not involve the individual accounts the White House has been pushing hard.

…."In terms of whether it will be a week, a month, six months or a year, as to when we bring something to the floor, it’s just too early," Frist said.

….House leaders have said they want the Senate to go first in passing Social Security legislation. That is because they are pessimistic about picking up Democratic support, and they do not want to put GOP members in the position of passing a controversial bill that then dies in the Senate, leaving a ripe issue for Democrats in 2006.

Now, Bush won, right?  He had a "mandate", right?  His party has control of both houses of Congress, right?  And he can’t get his first major piece of legislation out of the gate?  LOL!  Loser.