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Gopgang The GOP majority stuck its nose into the Schiavo/Schindler family’s private affair, thinking they could score political points.  And they will reap some benefit from the religious right (who, I suggest, the GOP already have in their hip pocket.

But as the Christian Science Monitor poll at the right shows, most Americans have a problem with Congressional "meddling".

UPDATE:  This ABC poll is even more revealing:

Should Feeding Tube Be Removed?
Support Oppose
Non-evangelical 77% 18
Evangelical 46 44
Catholics 63 26
Liberals 68 24
Moderates 69 22
Conservatives 54 40
Democrats 65 25
Independents 63 28
Republicans 61 34
Conservative Reps. 55 40

But here’s the REAL slam-dunk.  Regardless of their preference on the Schiavo case, about two-thirds of conservatives and evangelicals alike call congressional intervention inappropriate. And majorities in both groups, as in others, are skeptical of the motivations of the political leaders seeking to extend Schiavo’s life.

Should Federal Government Intervene?
Support Oppose
Non-evangelical 26% 71
Evangelical 44 50
Catholics 38 56
Liberals 34 62
Moderates 29 67
Conservatives 48 49
Democrats 34 63
Independents 31 61
Republicans 39 58
Conservative Reps. 41 57

Game, set, match.  GOP loses.