Jeff Gannon: Available for $1,200/weekend and $200/hour?

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"Well, several years ago, before I came to Washington, I had registered various domain names for a private client. I was doing Web site development. Those sites were never hosted. There’s — nothing ever went up on them. And the client went on to do something else."

Jeff Gannon to Wolf Blitzer, CNN, 2/10/05

AmericaBlog calls bullshit. The details are too ookey to spell out on this site, but you can read all about it (and view the new beefcake pictures, if you are so inclined) here.

For the relevance-impaired, the significance of the latest revelations — if true (I’m not convinced yet) — aren’t about Gannon. He’s merely a footnote at this point.

The story is how did a $1,200/weekend hooker get credentialed to be a part of the White House press corps to ask softball questions to the President of the United States? And how does he get apparent access to CIA documents? If nothing else, this is a concern from a homeland security standpoint. Is the White House that stupid?

FUN FACT UPDATE: Believe it or not, this is not the first security-scandal-involving-gay-prostitutes to hit the White House.